Once somebody told me to play a 'game' and to forget to take a camera on a trip. I couldn't imagine a worse nightmare!

I'm a geologist and cartographer, but every time when I go on an adventure (it doesn't matter if it's a mountain trip or a visit at the grocery's) I feel more like a photographer than a scientist. Perhaps this feeling is trying to tell me something...

Architecture photography is my favorite. When I think of architecture I see symmetry, which is (sadly) said to be the aesthetics of fools. But don't you think that the combination of architecture and photography gives the most beautiful results especially when the symmetry is involved? I find beauty both in carefully planned areas and in total mess. I'm fascinated how absurdity of urban landscapes and human activities can create breathtaking locations. In these places, detail means mostly everything.

Albums visible on this website show my close and distant journeys, as well as my everyday struggles with life and ridiculous/beautiful places. Enjoy!


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